What’s Inside?

Should I Prioritize Topic-wise or Full-Length CFA Mock Tests?

What’s Inside?

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), is one of the most prestigious and inspiring certifications by any finance aspirant.  Not to demotivate anyone, but preparing for these exams isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The aspirant to the Charter journey requires extreme focus, dedication, and a foolproof strategy. 

In the myriad of resources available online and offline, CFA mock tests are valuable in evaluating one’s readiness for CFA Exams. 

However, with years of experience in tutoring CFA Level 1 students, we can surely point out that one of the most common dilemmas amongst students is whether to prioritize topic-wise CFA practice exams or full-length CFA mock tests. 

Today in this piece we will throw light on every important aspect of this argument. Also, we will delve into the two most popular CFA Mock test solutions offered by Finelite- Ultimate Practice Masterset & Mock Exam Series.

First thing First: What’s the significance of CFA Mock Tests?

Before we dig into this discussion, let’s talk about the significance of the CFA Test Series in prepping you for D-Day. Mock tests are designed in a way to mimic the actual examination which allows aspirants to gauge their performance under the clock. 

It can also be called a litmus test that can help in pinpointing strengths  and weaknesses across 

various topics.  

Now coming to our discussion-

Let’s talk about the Topic-Wise CFA Test Series

Say you just finished your video lecture and want to test your position, this is exactly where the Topic-Wise CFA Test series is.  Start with end-of-chapter questions and dedicate your time to practice questions. This targeted approach can help one focus on specific CFA Curriculum sections. It is especially beneficial for the aspirants who have identified weak spots in their preparation. By honing their weak areas, CFA aspirants can invest their energy in more challenging concepts, thereby increasing overall proficiency.  Just in case, you require a dedicated source for the Topic-Wise CFA test series, Leapup Masterset solution offers  30 subject-wise practice questions alongside 8 mock tests.

CFA Level one practice questions

CFA Level 1- The Ultimate Practice Masterset

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The comprehensive package enables candidates to delve deep into individual subjects while also simulating exam conditions through full-length mock exams. Powered by detailed answers and subject-wise marking schemes students to target their efforts effectively.

Full-Length CFA Mock Tests

Next in discussion are full-length CFA Mock Tests that give a bird’s eye view of one’s readiness for the exam. Mock exams mimicking the actual exam arena help aspirants familiarize themselves with exam format under time constraints. Availing of Full-length mocks is like running a marathon which tests one’s stamina, mental fortitude along knowledge base.

CFA Level one practice questions

CFA Mock Test Level 1 Solution

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CFA Level 1 Mock Series is the perfect package enclosing 8 full-length mock exams in CBT format. 

Aligned with the 2024 curriculum, the solution provides detailed answers and subject-wise marking with the help of which candidates can easily evaluate their performance and refine their study strategy.

Striking Balance is the only Solution

Both Full-Length and Topic-Wise CFA Mock tests have distinct advantages, the solution lies in striking a balance between the two. While topic-wise solution allows for targeted revisions, full-length mocks help in honing exam-taking skills and build endurance under the constraints of time.

We recommend you brush up on your weak areas with topic-wise tests and take at least 4-6 full-length mock tests before the final day. Instead of viewing them under different lenses, one needs to leverage the strengths of each to maximize their preparation.

Full-Length Test Vs Chapter Wise Mock Test

Full-Length Test Vs Chapter Wise Mock Test

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Final Thoughts

As much as the balancing between topic-wise and full-length CFA mock tests is required, it is also essential to personalize the study plans based on individual requirements. 

Prioritize self-care, get adequate sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and take breaks to avoid burnout during intense study periods. 

The key is to alternate between focused study sessions and comprehensive mock exams can help maintain momentum. Harness the power of flexible Finelite solutions and increase their chances of clearing the CFA exam with flying colors.

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