If 90% traders lose money, just imagine how much money the remaining 10% make

Reasons why traders lose money
– No trade setup
– Trading on tips
– No emotional discipline

Reasons why traders make money
– A trading system
– Accurate research
– Amazing network

Its time to move from yellow to green

A 2-hour live masterclass to learn our 5 step tried and tested trading system which ensures you make money consistently without the need of sitting in front of the screen all the time!

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Bonuses worth Rs. 10,000

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Learn live research on actual charts

5/5 rated by 1000+ students

Who should attend this masterclass?

Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes. Thus we present you an oppurtunity to pre learn via a masterclass designed by studying others mistake so that you don’t need to repeat them.

If you want to be a lion, train with lions. We provide you with a platform to network with like minded inviduals which can be one of your strongest assests.

Improve your trading performance by learning to build a professional trading system.

In the end, its all about earning money and who doesn’t love a passive source if income.

How we ensure your trading game becomes stronger?

Learn the tried and tested 5 step process developed by Professor Saif Thobani and implemented by 1000 + students in their successful trading career
1 – How to use technical analysis effectively
2 – How to always find the stocks that are hot to trade
3 – How to stay profitable even if the majority of your trades go wrong
4 – How to convert this into a rinse and repeat process
5 – Developing a network you trust to keep practicing and improving

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Costs you lesser than a PVR Popcorn😉

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Trainer for this Masterclass

Saif Sir

Mr. Saif Thobani

BAF, M.Com, CFA L3 Candidate, CMT L2 Candidate, NCFM Certified Technical Analyst & Options Strategist, NISM Certified Equity Research Analyst

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The Stock Trading Masterclass is a live, interactive masterclass

No recording will be provided

No, this masterclass is for all ages from all backgrounds

Preferably yes, A mobile might work but for live charting a laptop is preferred. 

this batch is full

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