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CFA Level 1 Eligibility Requirements: Pathway to Professional Success

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA, is a globally respected designation for professionals in the investment industry.

CFA Institute is known to uphold its enrollment criteria quite well. This is done to ensure that the candidates desiring to step in possess the required foundation and commitment for the successful completion of this program

What’s Inside?

Today, in this article, we will delve deep into the eligibility requirements for enrolling into a CFA level 1 program. 

So what are you pining upon?

Let’s get straight to the point-

What are the CFA Level 1 Eligibility Requirements?

1. Fulfill One of the following requirements to enroll in the CFA Level One Course

 Be done with your Grad School

The first eligibility requirement is to have earned a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree from a college/ university. In case you aren’t sure whether your program is eligible for CFA level 1 Enrollment then consider giving us a call! 

 In your Undergrad? Don’t Worry you can start 

A candidate must have 23 months or fewer left before the graduation month to enroll for the CFA Level 1.

If you’re part of undergrad and have 23 or fewer months left before completion of your degree, then you’re eligible for CFA Level 1 enrollment. 

However, to sit for CFA Level 2, you must have completed Level 1 and have a degree in your hand.

4000 hours of work experience will do as well 

Another eligibility that fits into the criterion is to have a combination of 4000 hours of work ex plus higher education that was acquired over a minimum of three sequential years and is achieved before the date of registering for the CFA Level 1 exam. However, one must note that the dates of education and experience must not overlap.

I know what’s your Next Question going to be

What is counted as Professional Experience as per the CFA Institute?

Professional work experience that requires an application of higher-level judgment and business skills is counted here, which includes:  

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Time management
  • Business communications
  • Analytical skills
  • Professional judgment
  • Adaptability

Internships/articleships are also accepted if they are paid. 

Working in your family or own business shall qualify as professional experience only if it is paid.

We recommend that you evaluate whether your professional experience readies you for the depths and volume of the CFA curriculum.

In case of doubt, talk to an expert

Be Ready for Document Verification

Caution of Note here- CFA institute may request Proof of Education, which includes copies of mark sheets, diplomas, and other relevant papers. Also, it may ask for the relevant work experience documents such as employment letters, salary slips, etc to be submitted at any stage, it could be even after you have become a member of the first step in this long voyage. Failure to meet this requirement can cost heavily- such as cancellation of current exam registration, withholding of exam results, voiding of past exam results, and may even lead to investigation and disciplinary action by the CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program.

CFA Level 1 Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for CFA Level 1 Enrollment

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2. You will need an International Travel Passport

CFA Institute requires that every candidate must have a valid international travel passport. You won’t even be allowed to sit in for an exam if you don’t hold the passport.

3. Need to Sign Professional Conduct

CFA Applicants mandatorily need to meet the admission requirements for professional conduct. During the application process, one must sign the Professional Conduct and Candidate Responsibility Statements. 

What is a Professional Conduct Program by the CFA Institute?

The Professional Conduct Program of CFA Institute administers the disciplinary process within the  Institute by using the Bylaws and Rules of Procedure as guidance for conducting investigations into allegations, determining violations, imposing sanctions, conducting disciplinary proceedings, and disclosing violations.

4. English is your Go-to Buddy

Alright, this might sound a bit unsettling to many CFA aspiring candidates, but the exam happens only in English. Even though India is a diverse country with multiple languages and folks here prefer curriculum in their mother tongue, CFA being a global body operates in English only!

But hey, if you’re reading this article and have come so far, then you don’t need to worry. The CFA exams require proficiency in the language for comprehending complex financial scenarios and formulating answers. And if you’re unsure of where you stand in this aspect, talk to our expert!

5. Okay, Geography matters here too!

There are some countries with which the CFA Institute cannot work. Review the OFAC Policy to check if there are any sanctions on your country.

My Last Two Cents!

Voila, here is the end of the CFA Level 1 Eligibility Requirements. I have tried to explain them in the simplest words possible but in case you still have any doubts, feel free to reach our team🙂

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