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Learn the building blocks of stock markets and get familiar with the tools and skills used by professional traders, analysts and investors to unlock a promising career in finance

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Saif Sir

Prof Saif Thobani

Saif is a leading stock trading faculty at various institutes & colleges since the past 7 years. He has trained 17400+ students and personally mentored 5000+ students into becoming professional traders. 

He is a huge Chelsea fan and a fitness freak. You can anytime talk to him about sports and stock markets.

Course Curriculum

• Insights about Compounding
• Rule of 72
• Time Value of Money
• Inflation

• Market Microstructure
• Operating a Trading Account
• Overview of Asset Classes / Investment Vehicles
• Pros and Cons of each asset class

• Meaning
• Basic Assumptions
• Pros & Cons
• Chart Construction
• Support & Resistance
• Trends & Trendlines

• Meaning
• Basic Assumptions
• Pros & Cons
• Business Model Analysis
• Sector Analysis
• Headwinds & Tailwinds
• Concept of Moats
• Market Multiples

• Psychology
• Skills
• Success Stories

• Entry Rules
• Exit Rules
• Stop Losses
• Trailing Stops
• Risk Management

• Limit and Market Orders
• Bracket Orders
• MIS / Intraday / NRML / Delivery
• GTT Orders
• Algo based execution

• Top 10 mistakes made by beginners
• Trading and Investing Biases
• Top scams of Indian stock markets and what we can learn from them

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Marketing Professionals

Any Type of Engineer

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HR & Recruiters

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The course offered by LeapUp is a combination of live+pre-recorded video lectures.

The duration of the course is across 2 months. The content is accessible through Leapup’s LMS and the live doubt solving sessions are conducted through Zoom platform.