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Excel for Finance

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1 – Multi Level Sorting and Subtotal
Lecture 2 – Freeze PAN CSV Duplicates
Lecture 3 – Group If Error Range Name
Lecture 4 – Formulae and Protection
Lecture 5 – Goal Seek and Solver
Lecture 6 – Future Value and Database table
Lecture 7 – Text to Column, Transpose, Data Chart
Lecture 9 – NPV XNPV
Lecture 10 – IRR XIRR MIRR
Lecture 11 – Stock History
Lecture 12 – EMI Schedule SYD DD
Lecture 13 – Data Consolidation Data from all source Data Type
Lecture 14 – Look up Match
Lecture 15 – Work Book 1

Instructor for the Course

Pankaj Sir

Prof Pankaj Singhal

Who should take up this Course ?

Trading is one of the few money making hobbies useful for students from any field.

One of the most crucial skill for aspirants who want to get into finance.

Ideal course for someone who genuinely wants to get into stock market trading but isn’t educated about it.

Technical Analysis is one of the key research skills that aid to candidates with these qualifications.

An easy way to earn extra income while staying at home through disciplined trading.

Trading is one of the best cash generating hobbies that retirees can take up.

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Samir Parikh
Samir ParikhWorking Professional
Read More
Really knowledgeable course. I do understand how much efforts you would require to prepare this and many years of experience is really helping you to match the balance sheet in one go.
Shubh Trivedi
Shubh TrivediNMIMS
Read More
Really, the entire course is so resourceful, got to learn a lot, and kudos to the teacher for teaching such a wide topic in a simple manner.
Rohit Shah
Rohit ShahIBS Mumbai
Read More
Facilitator provided a lot of useful information in regard to how to use Excel. A lot of good information about how to enter data and create graphs and also just how to use standard functions of Excel. May have to watch again in the future just for a refresher.
Umesh Ravat
Umesh RavatHR College
Read More
An efficient way to use excel for finance purposes .I have learnt a lot of new techniques in this course. Content is very interactive in nature and motivates to complete the course
Het Gurav
Het GuravHR College
Read More
The emphasis on learning to use the keyboard shortcut is very helpful. The examples are very practical. The course is direct and very hands-on!

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