A comprehensive course comprising of practical and quality training
of fundamental analysis which enables one to research and invest in
stocks with conviction + write equity research reports which aid in
landing a core finance job.

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Course Curriculum

– Why does a business exist?
– Function of a stock market
– Why investing is so essential?
– What is equity analysis?
– Process of equity analysis

– Understanding a sector value
– Regulations in a sector
– Headwinds and Tailwinds
– Sector Data and Potential
– Macro-economic data and relationship with sector
– Porter’s 5 forces

– Valuation approaches
– Cash flow based valuation
– Multiples based valuation
– Key variables and questions on valuation
– Quick, back of the hand valuations

– Components of an Equity Research report
– Drafting your investment thesis
– Data to back your analysis
– Critical analysis of your investment thesis – Building
– Formatting, Language and Disclosures

– Sources of Financial Data
– Excel Template for Analysis
– Introduction to Financial Statements
– Analysing Balance Sheet
– Analysing Income Statement / P&L
– Analysing Cash Flow Statement
– Basic ratio analysis and common sizing
– Basic checks for red flags and accounting frauds

– Reading and Analysing an Annual Report
– Reading and Analysing Concall transcripts
– Understanding the business model
– Competitive positioning of the business
– Identifying operating metrics and unit economics
– Underlying ROCE compounding – Current & Potential
– Cyclicals vs Defensives

– How to keep generating investment ideas
– Growth vs Value Investing
– Other approaches to investing
– Portfolio Construction
– Investment Books
– Investment Gyaan by Legends
– Some thoughts on how to find your own path

Who should take up this course?

One of the most crucial skill for aspirants who want to get into finance.

Ideal course for someone who genuinely wants to get into stock market trading but isn’t educated about it.

Technical Analysis is one of the key research skills that aid to candidates with these qualifications.

An easy way to earn extra income while staying at home through disciplined trading.

Trading is one of the best cash generating hobbies that retirees can take up.

Instructor for the Course

Prof Ronak Gala

B.Com, MBA – NMIMS Mumbai
8+ Years Exp. in Investment Advisory
Co-Founder - Pararthya Capital
Ex-faculty at NMIMS & NSE Academy
Trained 10,000+ Students
LinkedIn Profile Link - Click Here

PROF. Nikunj Gala

Equity Research Analyst at Sundaram Mutual Fund
Ex- ASK Investment Managers and IIFL Institutional Equities
Has been in equity research for more than 7 years


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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

No, The contents of your course will be available on your dashboard, which can be viewed at all times within the subscription access.

The curriculum is designed in a way that it grows from beginner to advanced level and is suitable for all.

You will receive a confirmation email soon, if in case you don’t receive the same your money will be refunded within 1 week back to the original payment source.

No, The course helps you learn from scratch and it is suitable for all beginners as well as advanced learners.

The course offered by LeapUp is a combination of live+pre-recorded video lectures. After the completion live doubt solving sessions are provided for practice and confidence building in the mentorship program.

The duration of the course is across 2 months – 1 month of pre recorded video and live doubt solving sessions, and 1 months of mentorship. The content is accessible through Leapup’s LMS and the live doubt solving sessions are conducted through Zoom platform.

LeapUp has trained and mentored 200+ working professionals and home makers. A total of 2 modules are made available each week. Participants can view the videos as per their earliest convenience and raise queries over the WhatsApp group or in the live doubt solving sessions. Moreover, the 1 month mentorship period acts as a buffer to complete the pending content. The entire course content and resources are with participants for a total period of 6 months (4 months after the course as well) An interest to sit in a live doubt solving session with the upcoming batches is also arranged for on prior communication to the course trainer.