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Nishtha Bajaj – NMIMS

Leap up is not only just a class but an experience which helped me reach beyond my comfort zone and teach me something that textbooks just couldn’t . I feel blessed immensely to have been found teachers like them who go out of their to make their students understand each and every concept. Thank you!

CA Ruchit Jain – Barclays

The course is very informative and helps you develop the brains required for Trading as well as Investing in Capital Markets. We are in an environment where knowing your support and resistance levels is important. Knowing to read the charts will give u confidence and support your decision making.

Ritu Jain – Welingkar Institute of Management

The technical analysis course was really helpful. Gave all the necessary information required to trade as well as invest. If you do not know anything about markets however you wish to know, invest and trade, leap up is the right place for it.

Nipun Chiripal

The Options Strategies course not only taught me the importance of Option Greeks but also helped me understand the importance of Risk Reward Ratios. I can now easily read and interpret Option Chains and can decide which option strategy to pick regardless of market scenario- bull, bear or neutral.

Reva Patel – NMIMS

It was an amazing experience to be a part of leapup! I did the excel in finance course which covered the basic concepts of financial modelling and showed me what all can be done through excel!  The faculty here is amazing and very approachable!

Ahfaaz Jessani – Delloite

The fundamental analysis course gives you a very deep knowledge of how to go about the whole process. Since school people thought fundamentals is only ratios but fundamentals is about right from the business model to the future of the company. This course will help you understand everything you need to about the company before making your investing decision. I gained so much confidence in selecting the right company after the completion of this course. I would highly recommend this course. It’s more than worth it.

Ashesha Adhvaryu – RA Podar College

Extremely well structured course. Complex concepts were taught in simplistic manner, approachable faculty and a very practical learning experience.  Highly recommended for all students and people interested to enter equity markets.

Sadaf Contractor – MMK College

I have done the technical analysis course from leap up and it was very helpful as it helped me understand trading and investing in markets well. Practical knowledge was given for better understanding. You can reach out to the faculty at anytime as they’re always there to clear any doubts.

Rashi Patodia – NM College

Loved the technical analysis course. Tried learning technicals of capital market at a lot of other places, but finally ended up learning it here. Best experience theoritically as well as practically, people who are really interested in stock market should definitely take up this course!

Aishwarya Iyer – NM College

Excel for finance students is a must for any student currently. LeapUp has designed an apt course which in a short while covers not only the basic but also the advanced functions clearly. From pivot charts to v lookup everything that comes in day to day working was covered extensively. Being a small batch everyone had personal attention and all our doubts were cleared. Not only during the course but even after that we can always approach the faculty to get our queries cleared. Thankyou LeapUp for a wonderful experience!

Jahnavi Raja – NM College

In depth analysis of various economies, sectors and firms along with insights on the current affairs, how to use this information to make investment decisions and repeated talks on the same concepts made my grip over the subject even better. Reading charts, stocks, annual reports and understanding various businesses, from the telecom sector to the cement industry to biscuit manufacturers, we did it all!


Shantanu Bagwe – NMIMS

There are many academies and institutions that offer stock market related courses therefore i was a little sceptical before enrolling myself into Leap up but 3 weeks down the line, i thinks its one of the wisest decisions i’ve ever made. Amazing faculty and a perfect course design. Ideal start for someone who wants to make it big in the markets.

Tanish Broker – NMIMS

The course was phenomenal and one of its kind , coming from a background of Stock brokers it was a really good thing to do , faculty is beyond praises , they teach the concepts from scratch and real life examples as well as real market examples.

Armaan Ajani – Kingston University

The fundamental analysis course not only taught me how to screen a stock the right way but also enhanced my skill in comparing peers in order to find the best pick based on the ratios parameters set. I have found multibaggers and some of the best investible companies based on the knowledge gained through the course. A perfect course to learn fundamental analysis the right way.  A 5/5 star rating from my end to Leapup and its faculties

Drishti Mehta – UPG College

Earlier I wasn’t well versed with stock market but after doing the technical analysis course, my understanding has increased. The faculty has been really understanding and helpful. Thankyou for an amazing experience !

Yugadi Gandhi – NK College

The Excel course was really informative and added a lot of value to my knowledge and technical skills. My speed and effectiveness has increased after completion of the course. Learning pivot tables and representing the data graphically with a lot of alternatives was the best part of the course. I am looking forward to attend other skill based courses with LeapUp.

Kunal Dixit – KPMG

From previously trading on tips and recommendation of brokerage houses to conducting my on research on charts and making a decision to enter at the right time, the technical analysis course has been one of the best skill based courses I have attended so far. Not only was it knowledgeable but the practical touch to it made it absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend any student who wants to trade independently to take the course up.

Karim Charania – PWC

The technical analysis course was one of the best practical courses I have attended. The learning and knowledge gained from the course was immense. Stock picking and timing the market has got really easy for me, all thanks to the moving averages and supports learnt in class. A 5/5 rating from my side for Leap Ups course and faculty.

Puneet Malhotra – NM College

The Excel course offered by Leapup was very easy to understand and it helps me in calculating return on my portfolio for each particular stock. During the course, we were taught various examples to focus towards practical approach and apply in daily life. We are also provided with Study material to revise our concepts anytime and teacher response towards student was very appreciating.

Nirmantu Vaishnav – NM College

I did the technical analysis course where I learnt about different trends, patterns and how to read stock charts, first i wasn’t sure but later on I realised that wow man I should I have done it earlier. the faculty is extremely knowledgeable and what they teach is in a different way that you will get an in-depth guidance, where you will be able to apply your own mindset into the real world. I would recommend each and every person of my age to do this course and it is a must from this firm especially.

Rohit Dhanani – Tresvista

I have been a part of the leap up technical analysis course, the best part about this course is the content, structure and the application part of it. I have started trading on my own account now and rather than just trading on it I do my own technical analysis and which has strengthened my conviction to trade and buy a stock and definitely I would rate leap up as a 5 on 5

Naman Maheshwari – NM College

Leapup has not only taught me Technical Analysis but also made me fall in love with this subject. The course was an awesome experience. The faculty is amazing and has helped me with all the problems I’ve faced in my journey to completion of technical analysis.
Cheers to Leapup!