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Technical Skills

Technical Skills

Technical skills or hard skills are the life blood of individual talent. These are the tools through which individual talent and effort receives an impetus and enables an individual to perform complex tasks.  Higher is the goal achieving efficiency of that individual. Hence organizations place a lot of emphasis on developing technical skills.

Corporate Excel

Sort/filter & data cleaning
Cell Referencing
Lookup functions
Other functions and formulas with their application
Pivot Tables
Data visualization – Presentation
Google spread sheets
Case studies

Data Analysis

Probability in Daily Life
Probability distributions around us
Using probability distributions for predictions
Refresher on Averages (Mean, Median & Mode)
Percentage and Set Theory
Case Studies: 
Case Studies: 

Effective Business Presentations

1. Powerpoint Proficiency

  •  Slide Design & Formatting
  •  Data Visualization and Content
  •  Transitions and Animations

2. Storyboard

  • Presentation Flow
  • Choosing Data and Content
  • Creating a Narrative

3. Delivery

  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • Presentation Etiquette and Timing

4.Group Presentations

Critical Thinking

Constructing and Understanding an Argument
Responding to Arguments
Differentiating Facts and Opinions
Case Study: