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Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Soft skills pertain to how an individual can work with other people and accomplish goals together. Soft skills are intangible and difficult to measure. However they are extremely sought after as individual talent and technical skills would mean little if they cannot be applied in conjunction with skills of other people in the organization.

Public Speaking and communication

Transactional Analysis

Acknowledging differences

Dealing with difficult people

Looking at the ‘bigger picture’

Assertiveness, courtesy,apologizing and appreciation

Corporate etiquette – Meetings, handshakes, business card

exchange, introduction

Interpersonal Skills and etiquette

Preparing for public speaking and creating a structure
Strategies for building confidence
Audience awareness
Use of body language and voice
Using the right language and words
Humour and story telling
Presentation skills

Leadership And Teamwork

Leaders v/s Managers
Leadership styles
Situational leadership
Holistic approach
Coaching and conflict management
Teamwork – harnessing individual strengths, six thinking hats,
collaborative communication

Active learning and listening

Hearing v/s listening
Clarification, paraphrasing, reflection, summarization
Focused listening and asking questions
Minimal encouragers
Certainty to curiosity, debate to exploration